Nas For Our Youth

Nas is an American hip hop artist, record producer, entrepreneur, and actor. Nas albums have gone platinum and multi-platinum. His entrepreneur side has grown into producing his own record label, a publisher of a Mass Appeal magazine, and owner of a sneaker store in Las Vegas. He’s more deep and inspirational than most perceives him to be. He’s about the new generation, giving to charities, putting in the time to the children, and helping in Africa.

Nas started literally from the bottom. Underground music started off his career in the music industry. Despite his negative feud with Jay-Z, on the contrary, had brought a lot of attention his way. He since released many albums, selling over 25 million records worldwide.

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The Enduring Truth of Bob Marley’s Music

This February 6 of 2017, Bob Marley would have been 72. He may have died in 1981, but his music lives on today, in various playlists and mp3 torrents online and all over the world.

Bob Marley the Revolutionary

It’s not really easy to describe in words the revolutionary nature of Bob Marley’s music. His music reflects who he was, and he was a poor kid in Jamaica who lived during a politically tumultuous time in his country’s history. Yet he became not just a successful musical artist, but a revolutionary for his people.

It was also Bob Marley, virtually all by his lonesome, who introduced the sound of reggae to the world outside Jamaica. He spearheaded the reggae revolution. It was a sparse sound indeed, with none of the technological and electronic tricks that were part and parcel of Western music. The sound symbolized the poverty where Bob Marley came from.

Yet with Bob Marley, the songs were hopeful. Deeply embedded in the lyrics and the somehow upbeat music was the hope and belief that people can come together in peace. That despite innate differences between people, they could live side by side in harmony.  Read more

Prince Ea, Musically Revolutionary

You’ve probably seen him in his viral music videos on YouTube or on social media. His gripping words and his eccentric personality keeps you watching his every move and really listening to the deep meaningful words he puts into his work.

Prince Ea started out just trying to be a hip-hop artist and ended up becoming a well-known spoken word artist, poet, rapper, and filmmaker. He accomplished what he set out to do which was inform the world of the importance of passion, individuality, and intelligence.

Watch one of his videos, and I promise you won’t regret him opening your eyes, for you.

This intelligent artist pushes to promote values such as free thinking, creativity, and unity. He readjusted his focus to creating inspirational and motivating videos which blew up the internet and caught a lot of attention. They now have gotten over half-billion views. His topics vary but are all very real and conscious. He touches on things such as environmentalism, spirituality, race, work, school systems, government, and more.

He gave me the inspiration to quit my job and open up my own Hawaii carpet cleaning service business (check it out)!

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KRS: The Conscious One

There are many industries in this world that are probably corrupt, filled with negativity or have an ugly motive for their doings. So, it’s enlightening to see a rapper and producer standing up for change. He tries to shed the truth and share it with the world. KRS has stirred up quite a lot in his time and some may argue to be true but we can amend him on being a real with us all and caring for his community.

What everyone is most familiar with is his Stop The Violence Movement that he started in 1987. He understood something needed to be done in the hip hop and African American communities. After a young fan died in a fight during Boogie Down Productions and Public Enemy’s concert, along with a founding member of Boogie Down Productions being shot and killed, KRS-One knew he had to do something.  Read more

Matisyahu Music Artist Bio

Matisyahu is the Hebrew name and stage name of musician Paul Miller, a Jewish American artist whose music incorporates elements of reggae, beat boxing, and alternative rock. His religious beliefs had been a core component of his music especially during his early years, and Matisyahu in Hebrew means “gift of God”.

Early Years

Paul Miller was born in 1979 and he spent most of his formative years in Westchester County, New York. As a child, he was brought up as a Reconstructionist Jew and attended Hebrew school. But upon reaching his teenage years he was a rebel. He began taking hallucinogenic drugs. He dropped out of high school and actually followed the rock band Phish on their music tour.

Eventually, he came back to school, reconnected with his Jewish heritage, and also went through rehab.  Read more