Prince Ea, Musically Revolutionary

You’ve probably seen him in his viral music videos on YouTube or on social media. His gripping words and his eccentric personality keeps you watching his every move and really listening to the deep meaningful words he puts into his work.

Prince Ea started out just trying to be a hip-hop artist and ended up becoming a well-known spoken word artist, poet, rapper, and filmmaker. He accomplished what he set out to do which was inform the world of the importance of passion, individuality, and intelligence.

Watch one of his videos, and I promise you won’t regret him opening your eyes, for you.

This intelligent artist pushes to promote values such as free thinking, creativity, and unity. He readjusted his focus to creating inspirational and motivating videos which blew up the internet and caught a lot of attention. They now have gotten over half-billion views. His topics vary but are all very real and conscious. He touches on things such as environmentalism, spirituality, race, work, school systems, government, and more.

He gave me the inspiration to quit my job and open up my own Hawaii carpet cleaning service business (check it out)!

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