The Enduring Truth of Bob Marley’s Music

This February 6 of 2017, Bob Marley would have been 72. He may have died in 1981, but his music lives on today, in various playlists and mp3 torrents online and all over the world.

Bob Marley the Revolutionary

It’s not really easy to describe in words the revolutionary nature of Bob Marley’s music. His music reflects who he was, and he was a poor kid in Jamaica who lived during a politically tumultuous time in his country’s history. Yet he became not just a successful musical artist, but a revolutionary for his people.

It was also Bob Marley, virtually all by his lonesome, who introduced the sound of reggae to the world outside Jamaica. He spearheaded the reggae revolution. It was a sparse sound indeed, with none of the technological and electronic tricks that were part and parcel of Western music. The sound symbolized the poverty where Bob Marley came from.

Yet with Bob Marley, the songs were hopeful. Deeply embedded in the lyrics and the somehow upbeat music was the hope and belief that people can come together in peace. That despite innate differences between people, they could live side by side in harmony.  Read more