KRS: The Conscious One

There are many industries in this world that are probably corrupt, filled with negativity or have an ugly motive for their doings. So, it’s enlightening to see a rapper and producer standing up for change. He tries to shed the truth and share it with the world. KRS has stirred up quite a lot in his time and some may argue to be true but we can amend him on being a real with us all and caring for his community.

What everyone is most familiar with is his Stop The Violence Movement that he started in 1987. He understood something needed to be done in the hip hop and African American communities. After a young fan died in a fight during Boogie Down Productions and Public Enemy’s concert, along with a founding member of Boogie Down Productions being shot and killed, KRS-One knew he had to do something. 

His motive with the movement was to bring back the original principles of hip hop and in hopes restore some type of peace in the communities. He brought together the biggest stars in the east coast hip hop industry. Just some of the artists that were composed were Public Enemy, MC Lyte, Doug E. Fresh, and Kool Moe Dee. Much more were featured on the VHS cassette tape entitled “Overcoming Self-Destruction- The Making of the Self-Destruction Video.”

He’s done other things to wake the world up. He was featured on a remix of a song with Chuck D in 2005, Bin Laden. This song says a whole lot including blaming President George Bush for the World Trade Center Attacks. They also speak up about the devaluation, destruction, and the violence brought upon the urban housing communities.

KRS-One is not afraid to speak the truth if you haven’t noticed by now. He is so knowledgeable and enlightening. He speaks about free masonry, secrets, mythology, and much more. He drops deep knowledge about corruption and evil and also the truth in this world. KRS studies a lot of books and subjects such as metascience, oppression, history, etc. He is someone to look up to and definitely learn from. KRS-One stands for Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone. He has become more than just a rapper or producer but an influential socially conscious person that the people can respect.


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